Linda and I begin the 53rd year of our marriage on Dec.22,2017.

 We met 53 years ago this date, got engaged the following Feb.12th, and married on June 5,1965.

June 5,1965-June5, 2018

 As we prepare to go to India with Sharad Vats, from Feb.7 to Feb. 27th, we thank you for being an important part of our lives.

We also invite you to follow our trips and view our pictures.

Linda & John Flakes

Our Books in PDF -Use Adobe Reader to open and view

Linda and John on the Serengeti Plains Tanzania Africa



This is Our Africa Tanzania Jan14-22,2017

Sept.5-Sept.20th,2017 A Wonderful France trip with Portia & Andrew

2017 - Our 52nd Year filled with Wonderful Travels

2016 Trips -  51st Anniversary Year

Our 50th Year Trips

The Fifty States and Canada from our point of view!(1st Revision) 

Book of All Trips Linked Files


My Wife the International Black Belt

Flowers, Zoo, Animals, Scenes, Other

John's Poetry

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1988 A year in the life of a Christian or

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